jueves, 5 de febrero de 2009

Yo quiero ser mataor

El gran Antonio Molina traducido simultáneamente al chino y al inglés.

I want to be “mataor” (bull’s killer)
like Berricosé and Vicente Pastor (two Bullfigthers)
I want to be the best one
and I’m going be with style and courage
I am not scared to fight
the danger I will face up (he says I will drag)
I know that my fate is to be successful
and very soon I will be
I already hear with emotion when I walk anywhere
to the wise admires saluting to me this way

Bullfigther with “garbo” and “salero” (with elegance and style)
the one with the embroidered cape with threads of thousand stars
bullfigther with “rumbo” and “tronío” (both words mean ostentation)
more “pinturero” nor more brave it has not been born yet (meaning again elegance)
bullfigther with “empaque” and “solera” (handsome and traditional)
people by your bravery must to acclaim you
when you rush to kill
marking slowly the “volapié” (the bullfighter hurts the bull)
and that little bull, wounded to death, rolls to your feet.

我想要是“mataor” (公牛的凶手)
象"爸日够色"和"维-森-特"牧师 (两个公牛的凶手的名)
已经 随处我 听见
大家 的 欢迎

“garbo”和“salero” 公牛的凶手 (高雅)
与“rumbo”和“tronío" 公牛的凶手
一 个 人 比较“pinturero” 也 更多 勇敢 没有出生过
你对牛去杀死的 时候
并且死的牛到你的脚 掉下
大家 对 你 说 勇敢

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  1. Muy bueno guapete nombrete, saludos al Capitán nombrete...

    Aquileana ;)